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Full Membership

$ 250

Meet Ian.  He works for an environmental engineering firm in New York City, lives in Highland Park, and bikes to work in East Liberty everyday, all year. He's worked here since the day we opened.

Full Membership includes dedicated work space in secure offices. A good fit for freelancers or small companies of up to twenty. Complete access to The Beauty Shoppe's multiple facilities, spaces, and amenities on a simple, flexible, month-to-month plan. 

Flex Membership

$ 100

Meet Vivien and Kelsey. They work for sister organizations that turn trash into jobs.  Kelsey splits her time between Pittsburgh and Haiti, and Viv lives in LA.  Both are at The Beauty Shoppe when in Pittsburgh.

All the benefits of Full Membership without a dedicated work space. Shared access to The Beauty Shoppe's multiple locations, amenities, and flex areas on a low-priced month-to-month plan. Perfect for freelancers, telecommuters, small companies, and anyone who needs a great place to work.

Student Membership

$ 50

Meet Ignasi. He moved to Pittsburgh last year from Barcelona on a Thursday. On Friday, he was at The Beauty Shoppe looking for a place to plug in.  Apparently, tweets travel pretty far.

Student ID in your wallet? Working on that dissertation? Need space for a team project? Student Memberships off all the benefits of Flex Memberships for half the cost. Take a break from the classroom and get to work done in the real world.

A desk at the Beauty Shoppe


“The community is terrific. We've made great connections with members outside our company. It's an awesome perk to be able to draw on others' skill sets. There are so many times we've pulled another member into our meeting to get their insight or perspective. We've also made friends.” –KELSEY  

“I was looking for space to share in a larger office so that I could quit working from home and at cafes. It was a perfect fit from the start. Working here, I feel better focused and I leave my work behind when I go home.” –IAN

“People here are very welcoming and interested to learn about what others do. The great variety of disciplines plus enormous talent makes it a very promising cultural space for future synergies.” –IGNASI

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