Video: Bayardstown Social Club

Innovation studio Deep Local transformed a vacant Strip District lot into a vibrant, members-run social club. Kind of like coworking - for after hours.

I first heard of Bayardstown by chance. As I passed by two colleagues deep in conversation the words “membership,” “firepit,” and “Bayardstown” leapt out at me like some punched up Sesame Street typographic scroll. Curious, I took to the Internet and discovered that a local firm, Deeplocal, had turned a grassy Strip District lot into a members-only social club. Not for profit. Just for the fun of it.

Initially, I was circumspect—what was Deeplocal’s real agenda? Surely they must gain something from the yard. However, after talking with Deeplocal-ers Nathan Martin and Amy Weis, my cynicism gave way to enchantment. Their only aim was a good time, to create a space that allowed people to build their own communities.

Bayardstown marries an open-source attitude with Pittsburgh scrappiness and thereby creates a space that is by anyone, for anyone. Long live the rats.

Learn more about Bayardstown on their website. More writing, videos and photographs by Margaret J. Krauss online here.